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"These Islands," a Song by Danny Couch
written by Aloha JOE®
<** Most photos by: Kathy Boast**>

Danny Couch is a singer and composer, born in Hawaii,
who has tremendous affection for the Hawaiian Islands.
His music reflects his love of this place where "mountains make you cry."

Many years ago, Danny gave our radio station (Aloha Joe Radio®)
his music to play and people across the airwaves responded with wonderful notes.  We found that there were a lot of "Danny Fans" in the audience   He has appeared on many of our "LIVE" broadcasts from Hawaii, and once co-hosted the show with Aloha JOE®.

Danny Couch Moe Keale
& Aloha JOE

Danny on-air in Waikiki

When Danny's signature song, “THESE ISLANDS,” won the award as
"Song of the Year,"
he was unable to attend the award ceremony, so he asked if I would
bring the award to a Waikiki lu'au show where he was performing. 
I came out of the shadows to present the Hoku Award to him on-stage,
in front of a packed house.

”These Islands” was chosen by the Hawaii Visitor's Bureau
as the theme song for several of their visitor campaign commercials. 
A perfect choice, in that the
concept of the song came as a vision from the past.

t the time Danny wrote “These Islands,” he was experiencing
what is known as a "writers-block."  He hadn't written any music for several years.  One day, as he was stuck in Honolulu's traffic, his mind began to wander.  He started thinking about his family and the future. 
Then Danny’s thoughts turned to prayer as he asked his Mom
and other ancestors who had passed,

"what would you like me to leave here on your behalf?"
Danny says, the lyrics to "These Islands"
suddenly came to him like a bolt out of the blue!

Danny doing "a luau show" **

Inspired by the thoughts of his “Ohana, Danny
began to sing the melody of what
would become “These Islands” in the car and never changed
ONE WORD of the original lyrics!  He recorded the basic vocal track later that evening, and what you hear on the recording is the

FIRST AND ONLY TAKE (vocal version) of “These Islands.!

Danny's Mother, (Margaret Leilani Hauoli), was of Hawaiian decent, born and raised in Honolulu.  His father, (Charles Couch), is of English-Scottish-Irish ancestry and came to Hawaii with the U.S. Navy. 
Music was always a big part of the Couch `Ohana. 
He told us on many occasions that he got his singing voice from Mom;
she was a wonderful singer. Danny's family tree can be traced back to the
days of King Kamehameha the Great. 
Danny's relatives spoke Hawaiian and taught him the meaning of ALOHA.

Kamehameha the Great
established his dynasty in 1810 upon unifying the islands of Hawaii
to become the Kingdom of Hawai
i.1758 – 1819

Please take a moment to read the lyrics that came
"like a bolt of out of the blue,"
about that place where “mountains make you cry.”

Cover Shot By Kathy Boast

Almost Paradise

THESE ISLANDS - Danny Couch (c) 1997
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 Have you seen these islands?
Have you seen the beauty of this land?

Do you know its people?
Brothers, sisters walking hand in hand...

 Have you seen the ocean?
Miles and miles of crystal deep blue seas..

Can you smell the flowers? 
Fill the air with fragrances for free...



This is Aloha, this land of Hawaii....

Have you felt the power?
Mountain craters throwing lava in the air...

Or its green-swept beauty....
From each island blossoms everywhere...

Have you felt its spirit?
Ancient Gods, their mana still is here...

You will love these islands...

Nothing in the world can compare...


This is Aloha, this land of Hawaii....

 Have you felt the power?
Mountain craters throwing lava in the air...

Or its green-swept beauty....
From each island, blossoms everywhere...
Have you felt its spirit?
Ancient Gods, their mana still is here...

Colored rainbows stretch across the sky...

Waterfalls so high...

mountains make you cry..

You will love these islands...Nothing in the world can compare....
If you touch the spirit, then the gift of love will lead you here...

THIS IS ALOHA...This is Aloha....
This is Aloha, this land of Hawaii.


<** These Island Photos by: Kathy Boast**>