We've added some photos from our April, '09 trip!
We've been covering the re-construction since the beginning!
<look below - MOANA SURFRIDER HOTEL -and See Royal Hawaiian Center>

Lewers Street is finished and beautiful!
A "must-see" on your next trip!!!
<photo taken from second floor at top of escalators>

Lewers - Looking Good

Both sides are finshed

Good Food & Shopping

Don Ho Street

The Trump Tower

Trump from Reef Hotel

The New Reef Hotel

Poolside Music Here

Lobby is beautiful!

The second floor


Hawaii After Dark



Everywhere you turn, there's a great view!
Wonderful restaurants and island music too! 
Lewers Street is once again, a great place to hang-out!!

Aloha Joe's Waikiki A
we walk all around Waikiki


Street Entrance

The Front Veranda

Lobby Interior

The long Hall

The Rear Veranda

The Giant Banyan Tree

The Rear Courtyard

The Pool Area

Quilts on Display

Beach Access

Many Quilts

Traditional Designs

Beautiful Work

Shot on Lewers Street in Waikiki
@ TheHilton Hawaiian Village!!

Sunset @ The Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Hilton's
new lagoon!

The Hilton's
Rainbow Tower

The meandering beach!

Two shadows!

The ocean beyond the NEW lagoon!


Shot some Waikiki photos during Christmas '06

LEWERS - Taken in front of the ABC Store

LEWERS - at night looking toward Kalakaua Ave

LEWERS - looking
from Kalakaua Ave

Jim reports that "The Embassy Suites" is open.
<They made their deadline> 
The Suites is located directly across from the ABC Store on Lewers.   It really looks like all the work they are doing is coming out nicely.

The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center will take quite awhile longer. It's all open for business during construction. 
Jim's 2 new shots can be seen on the ROYAL PAGE

Jim, Pat & Sonya Mendez - Christmas in Hawaii 2006
Mahalo for the SNAPS!  Aloha JOE

Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii- 3/19/06
Green and sparkling with waterfalls!
<Photo by Kathy Boast>
THIS PHOTO is "real" and has NOT been re-touched!
In March, 2006, we were in Waikiki for the 9th Annual
Hawaii Music Awards! Kathy Boast took this "unreal" shot of
Diamond Head from the dining area of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel! 
The famous landmark was green and lush and
there are waterfalls too!  Proving that March, 2006
was the wettest month anyone can remember!  It really rained!

Now, let's take a walk down Lewers Street

(These photos were taken by long-time listener to Aloha Joe Radio )
Peter Sanderson!!! (11/06) Mahalo!

Photos by Peter Sanderson
NOTE IT SAYS...GRAND OPENING FALL 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - THEY MADE IT!!!


Corner of Saratoga Road & Kalia Road
Where the McDonald's used to be...it's where the Trump Tower will rise!!

Across the street from Denny's looking UP Lewers!

Fall 2006

EMBASSY SUITES taking reservations for Jan 07!

Lot's of restaurants!!

Let's take a walk!!

Corner of Don Ho & Lewers...a Starbucks!

The work continues rain or shine!


Sidewalk closed!!!


Where are all the people?
Waikiki - April, 2005
The face of Waikiki is always changing. 
Since I only get to visit Hawaii once a year,
I really notice what's new, remodeled, or gone!
Some of the changes are good, and some are just impossible to relate to.

If you've stayed in Waikiki you most-likely know these streets,
Lewers, Beachwalk and Saratoga Road.

This is where many "Ohana" Hotels were located, a showroom or two
and some famous restaurants, shopping and don't forget the ABC Stores.

When I was there, it was a "ghost town." 
Like being in a SCI-FI film...
where did all the people go?

I'm sure you visited at least ONE of these landmarks.
The Buddha Bar - Davey Jones Ribs - Trattoria

This is an multi-million dollar Outrigger Hotel development which will transform
this area into a "thing of beauty."  "Roy's Restaurant" was the first tenant to sign. 
They promise exceptional shopping, entertainment,
food & of course, new Outrigger Hotels.

Shortly after our visit, the wrecking ball came down
hard on this area of Waikiki.  The construction will continue for quite a while,
so on your next trip, drop by and take a few shots of the construction. 
(Send them to us...and we'll "update" our story")

Let's continue our stroll down memory lane.....

The outdoor restaurant across from the Reef Hotel

Ohana Waikiki Village Hotel

Perry's Buffet


Ohana Reef
Tower Notice

Ready for
"the ball"

Hotel Lobby


The street
is empty!

The chairs
are leaving too!

Don Ho's Street-
is it staying?

At the end of Lewers street you find two
"classic" hotels that aren't going anywhere.

The Halekulani Hotel

The Outrigger Reef Hotel

Please do send us a photo of the area so we can
all follow the progress of the Waikiki Beachwalk!

Mahalo for walking with us...
<photos by: Kathy Boast - www.kathyboast.com>

These photos are from Chuck Pipe -
Guelph, Ontario, Canada - Shot August, 2005

Lewers Street??

I just know it will be GREAT!

Aloha Joe will be in Waikiki - March 14 - 20, 2006
So, look for some NEW photos at that time!!!!


<photos by Kathy Boast>

We walked down Lewers from The Sheraton Waikiki to the Halekulani and found it hard to believe the sign!!

It says it opens FALL 2006
Take a look and see what you think????

Corner of
Don Ho & Lewers

Moving down

Flags first...
Building next!

Watch your step!

What's coming?


One of the "new" hotels

Denny's is open!

Across from Reef Hotel Trattoria Restaurant was here!

Remember McDonalds?

Looking down Beachwalk
Breakers Hotel on right

A Really Big Job



Kathy Boast returned to Waikiki 9/06
Here's another peek at the Beachwalk project!!

Embassy Suites!

Some are sort-of finished!

Some aren't!

It's going to be GREAT when completed!

We're getting there...

But there is still lots to do!


Walk this way!

In several languages!

Big Job!!!

The Trump Tower
Across from the Reef Hotel

A sketch of the
Finished project!


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